TS3 Stage Deck 1,5x1 m


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- dimensions: 1,5x1 m
- loading capacity: 750 kg/m²
- TUV Nord Certification
- plywood board:  12 mm thick (waterproof, anti-slip surface)
- aluminium frame: 87 mm high (hardened aluminium)

Description of the operation of the podium system TOMKOstage.

TOMKOstage system is easy modular system that allows you to create the stage according to your specific demands. The system is outstanding for its simplicity – stage decks don’t have any mechanics as levelers or drawbars that could break down. We can say that TOMKOstage deck is kind of indestructible since there is nothing to it that could break down. 

TOMKOstage deck consists of high-quality 12mm thick plywood board and hardened aluminium frame with tongue and groove system for secure connection of the decks between each other. Once the tongue is hooked to the groove there is no possibility of deflection between the decks even if one is severely loaded and the other is not.

The surface treatment of the plywood board allows the deck to withstand even adverse weather conditions such as intensive sunshine or rain. It is waterproof, anti-scratch and anti-slip. The decks are reinforced by aluminium stiffener that supports entire length of the board.

Decks are joined together by a stage leg. One leg can connect up to 4 decks. This minimizes the number of legs needed to assemble the stage.  Less legs means less storage room and less amount and weight for transporting. It also helps to save the time of the set up. Another benefit of this system is that the leg is always placed under the frame of the stage not under the plywood board.  So even when the stage is bearing a significant load the board would not get damaged by being pressed against the aluminium edge of the leg.

When producing an atypical part in non-standard dimensions due to a small number of parts, we apply a 10% price surcharge to the price of the product.

The carrying capacity of the Tomkostage TS3 is well illustrated by the fact that the Chevrolet Monster Truck off-road vehicle weighing almost 5 tons was heavier than the nominal carrying capacity of the stage, yet it passed the test without damage or deformation.


Top Benefits


Connecting up to 4 stage decks with a single leg. Stage meets legs only through the aluminium frame so the plywood board is protected against damage.


The leg can be used for attaching stairs, safety rails, and bracing to the stage.


Variety of shapes and tailored solutions.

Assembly Guide for TOMKO STAGE

 This assembly instruction for a standard 

modular stage 2x4m with accessories.

Assembly time < 15min / 2 person.


Various shapes, sizes and surfaces of STAGE DECKS. Tailor-made solutions. Laying out variable stage constructions.


Connecting up to 4 stage decks with a single leg. Stage meets legs only through the aluminium frame so the plywood board is protected against damage. 


The stairs are in the quality and design of the stage deck. Folding stairs can be connected to the stage NIVTEC, TS3... 


Easily attached railing to stairs and platforms.  if the platform is higher than 0.6 m, it is recommended to use a handrail. If the height of the stage is over 1.5 m, a railing is mandatory.


Bracing sets, clamps for attachment to other structures, cover strips, ramps...


Complete sets of the most used stage sets. We can make and deliver the stage to order in non-standard dimensions.